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Hopping on and off the bus is something many of us take for granted, but for some first-time bus users the experience can be an overwhelming one, especially for children and those new to the area.

Our FAQs are designed to tell you everything you need to know about using our buses. Whether you’re new to our buses or a daily commuter, you may find something you didn't know here!

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Travelling on the bus

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Fares and tickets

Do I need to have the correct change?

Do children have to pay bus fares?

How can I save money on my bus fares?

I’m only 15 but look older, how can I prove I’m eligible for child fares?

Can I use a weekly or day rover ticket as part-payment towards a longer journey?

Why do I need to keep my bus ticket once I’ve got on the bus?

Can I use my return ticket to travel over two days?

How do I use my concessionary travel pass?

What’s a Team Ticket?

What’s a family ticket?

What are Nightowl Fares?

How do I apply for your cards online?

Several of our cards are available to buy online, including our 10% Discount Card, Go Card, Student 20% Discount Card and Hull University Discount Card.

To apply online, you’ll need to have a digital photograph to hand. This doesn’t need to be an ‘official’ passport photo – you can take it yourself with a digital camera. However, please make sure you are facing the camera, and not wearing a hat or sunglasses. Also, you should be the only person in the photo – no crowd shots please! The photo is so the bus driver can identify you, and to protect your card if it is lost or stolen, so if we feel your photo isn’t suitable we’ll give you a ring to ask you to send another one. Digital photographs should have a maximum size of 6MB.

If you don’t have a digital photograph available, give BusLine a ring on 01482 59 29 29 and we’ll send you a paper application form which you can attach a paper passport photo to.

There are four options of top-up values which you can select when applying for a card. If you wish to top up your card with a different amount, you can either select a lower amount and then, when the card arrives, top it up further on the bus, or you can give us a ring on 01482 59 29 29. The maximum top-up value for a card is £500.

The application form will ask you to select a delivery option. This varies for the different types of cards, so please read the choices carefully. If in doubt, give BusLine a ring on 01482 59 29 29.

You will need to fill in the cardholder’s information, including name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth. You can apply for a card for someone else, for instance a son or daughter, but remember to put down the name of the person you’re getting the card for, not your own name, as this name will be printed on the card. Please make sure you double check your entry for typos and spelling mistakes.

Once you’ve filled in the cardholder’s details and attached a photo you’ll be asked for your debit or credit card details. The payment process is run through a secure server, so your details will be safe. Once you’ve entered your payment details the process is finished, and your card should be ready within ten working days.

Although you can purchase your card online, any future top-ups should be made either on the bus, by simply paying the driver in cash, or at our Hull, Scarborough or Elloughton Travel Centres.

If you have any problems with the online application please ring BusLine on 01482 59 29 29, open Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm.

How much will my journey cost?

How do you calculate your fares?

I’ve lost my EYMS Discount Card! What do I do?

Buses and you

Becoming a bus driver

Hiring a coach or bus

Coach holidays and day trips

Additionally, see our leaflet on Help us make your journey better (PDF, 242Kb, opens in new window)

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