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Hopping on and off the bus is something many of us take for granted, but for some first-time bus users the experience can be an overwhelming one, especially for children and those new to the area.

Our FAQs are designed to tell you everything you need to know about using our buses. Whether you’re new to our buses or a daily commuter, you may find something you didn't know here!

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Is taking the bus the ‘green’ option?

By using the bus you’re showing that you care about the environment, and you can be happy in the knowledge that by not using the car you’ve helped improve congestion and air quality in your local community.

So be proud of your travel choice, as you read some of the ways you’ve helped make the world a better place:

  • Passengers take about 19 million journeys on EYMS buses every year. Just imagine putting 19 million more cars onto our local roads – it would be gridlock! By taking the bus, you’re helping keep everyone moving.
  • For many years, bus exhaust emissions have steadily become ‘cleaner’, and modern buses produce very few harmful emissions.
  • EYMS has ten state-of-the-art diesel-electric hybrid buses which use up to 30% less fuel and produce 30% fewer emissions than a standard bus.
  • Transport Direct say that in absolute terms of reducing CO2 it is ALWAYS better to take a scheduled public transport service instead of a car, because public transport would run even if you are not on it, therefore when you use a car an extra journey is made and extra CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.
  • A double decker bus can carry as many people as 20 fully occupied cars, but takes up only a seventh of the road space, so you’re helping reduce congestion too.
  • Greener Journeys say that if drivers switched just one out of every 25 car journeys to a bus or coach, it would mean one billion fewer car journeys, and a saving of 2m tonnes of CO2.
  • Cars produce nearly 60% of all CO2 emissions from road transport in the UK, compared to just 5% from buses (Department of Energy and Climate Change 2011).

Why should I get the bus?

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Additionally, see our leaflet on Help us make your journey better (PDF, 242Kb, opens in new window)

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