Another milestone for EYMS driver training

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The Hull-based bus and coach company East Yorkshire Motor Services has this week reached another important milestone in its programme of in-service training which will eventually bring all its drivers up to NVQ Level 2 standard.

Driver Nicholas Maynard, who works at the company’s Hornsea depot, has just become the company’s 200th driver to receive the NVQ award, and this was presented to him by EYMS Group chairman Peter Shipp at the company’s head office today, Friday 7 December.

The NVQ programme has been established for some time but was given a major boost last year when a partnership agreement was signed with Hull College, which provides additional funding for the programme and also opens up the College’s significant resources to East Yorkshire’s NVQ learners.  The NVQ Level 2 course provided by the company’s in-house training staff, under its training manager Darren Kendrew, is achieved by the completion of eight units which comprise:-

  • Working with colleagues

  • Contributing to health and safety

  • Professional customer care

  • Driving passenger-carrying vehicles safely

  • Operating passenger services

  • Preparing for passenger-carrying journeys

  • Processing fares

  • Dealing with emergencies

The drivers are assessed by qualified in-house assessors who complete observations on the drivers operating normal services.  In addition drivers produce a ‘portfolio’ of evidence to demonstrate their competence in the job.  This includes answering knowledge and understanding questions across whole aspects of the job, producing evidence required within the job such as required company documentation including completed examples.  Drivers are also required to reach company standards for safe driving and attendance.  In addition drivers are provided with the opportunity to complete various courses to further enhance their skills in such areas as Drivers’ Hours’ Regulations and Defensive Driving.

Typically a driver will complete the NVQ programme which is undertaken during the normal course of the driver’s work, in a period of between six months and twelve months.

The company claims some tangible results such as a reduction in the number of traffic accidents and an increase in the number of commendations received from members of the public.  EYMS says the NVQ training also increases driver morale as it gives them something to aim for, extra interest in the job, and more job satisfaction.

Also receiving NVQ awards at the brief ceremony on Friday were drivers Geoff Barrass, also from Hornsea having recently transferred from Driffield depot, Stephen Smith from Withernsea, and David Stephenson and Andrew Wilkinson who both work at the company’s largest depot in Hull.


Chairman and Chief Executive
EYMS Group Limited
7 December 2007

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