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Last year we announced that 23 of our bus and coach drivers had achieved 2012 membership of the national "GreenRoad Fleet Elite" programme, which attempts to recognise best fleet drivers on the road.  But for 2013 no less than 59 EYMS drivers achieved this sought-after award following efforts throughout the company to improve its already good safety record and fuel consumption figures.

Fleet Elite status is awarded to drivers who maintain a GreenRoad safety score of five or less for the full calendar year.  Less than 5% of drivers covered by the GreenRoad system globally achieve this top Fleet Elite status.

EYMS Chairman, Peter Shipp, said "I am extremely pleased that for 2013 we have far exceeded the achievement in the first year of this scheme and I think this proves yet again that EYMS drivers are amongst the best in the business."

"Happily this is confirmed by the complimentary letters, emails and phone calls that we regularly receive from passengers and even some other road users commending our drivers' skills and customer service."

"Part of the GreenRoad programme is designed to help us improve fuel consumption by smoother driving techniques and given the huge cost pressures that all bus companies are under at the moment, saving fuel is more important than ever."

All 300 EYMS buses are fitted with the unique GreenRoad technology-based driver performance management system which provides drivers with continuous real-time, in-vehicle feedback.  At the start of every trip, a driver logs on and starts out "green".  If a poor manoeuvre or safely event occurs, the GreenRoad dashboard display flashes a yellow or red light, depending on the severity of the event.  These events are tabulated to create a GreenRoad Safety Score which is recorded in the company and can also be accessed by individual drivers on-line.

Many of the 480 EYMS drivers are known to regularly check their own progress via the GreenRoad central website.

Safety events are broken into five major categories: braking, acceleration, cornering, lane handling and speeding.  Driver behaviour is measured using a sophisticated combination of a sensitive accelerometer, GPS data and advanced algorithms.

GreenRoad considers a Safety Score of 20 or below to be particularly safe or "Green" driving.  As well as the 59 individual Fleet Elite drivers with scores of 5 or less, the average score across the whole company is consistently below 20.

You can recognise the Fleet Elite drivers by their pin badges.

Fleet Elite badge

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