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Thank you to everyone who entered the 2014 EYMS Photography Competition.  We had almost 100 photos sent in, and the 2014 crop of entries lived up to the high standard seen in previous years.

Congratulations to the winner, Ashley Russell, who scooped the top prize with his photo Anchors Away.

Anchors Away Ashley Russell

Our judges said: "This winning photograph has a really nice composition.  It's well-timed - the photographer has planned what they're going to do and has waited for exactly the right moment to take the shot.  If the shot had been take a second earlier or a second later it wouldn't have worked."


A Rainy Afternoon in Cottingham by Ruth Shipley

Highly commended

Rainy Afternoon In Cottingham

Our judges said: "This photo was our second choice overall, and was very close to winning.  It stood out straight away, as it is very atmospheric." 


Superior Bus by David Drasdo

Highly commended

Superior Bus David Drasdo

Our judges said: "This is a good, interesting shot.  The colours really stand out.  It may have been improved by including the whole bus in the shot, rather than cropping out the corner, but that's just a very minor point." 


Leading the Way by Colin Pay

Highly commended

Leading the Way Colin Pay

Our judges said: "This is a great shot.  It shows the photographer being very aware of their surroundings, and it's nice the way that it has some recognisable local buildings in the background."


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