EYMS bus seats take to the water

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The Sun barge

A barge belonging to the Beverley Barge Preservation Society has been transformed following the donation of some of our surplus bus seats.

The Society provides trips for local people, including children and disabled groups, who can watch riverside wildlife through the windows whilst steaming up the River Hull.

The boat is called The Sun and was an old Mud Carrier which has been restored by the Society in a three-year project during which they approached EYMS to see if we could spare any seats to equip the interior of the vessel.

We gladly obliged and photos show the barge on the River Hull and some of the seats installed in the barge.

Chairman Peter Shipp said “We sometimes get a few surplus older seats when we refurbish buses and it is nice to see them put to good use, especially with a local organisation.  It’s just a shame they are seats bought before we started using our unique ‘shippshapes’ moquette which would have been very appropriate in this setting!”

The Sun barge seats

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