Wacky Wardrobe Day

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Wacky Wardrobe Day cheque presentation April 2015

East Yorkshire Motor Services’ staff entered into the spirit of the Hull Children's University's ‘Wacky Wardrobe Day' with a vengeance, raising almost £900 in the process.

Almost 40 employees dressed up for the day in various guises, including a nun, Minnie Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow and ‘Stitch’.        

Each participant paid £2 for the “privilege” but generous passengers also donated money to the drivers on the buses, having presumably enjoyed being driven by a priest or Captain Mainwaring on their journey that day.

EYMS has rounded up the total and last Friday a cheque for £1,000 was handed over to Rose James of the Children’s University by two of the staff who had decked themselves out in their finery again for the occasion.

EYMS Chairman Peter Shipp said “I am really pleased to say that our staff really enjoyed themselves and the passenger reaction was fantastic.  Many at EYMS have asked if we can make this an annual charity event and I am sure we can.  I imagine some staff were interested but reluctant to dress up on this first event for fear of embarrassment but I’m sure many more would take part next time having seen the enjoyment and success of this day. I would have done more myself but having a meeting with the Council in the afternoon when there was likely to be a difficult discussion I contented myself with a very bright tie – difficult to argue affectively wearing a silly costume!!”

“This event has re-established our link with the Children’s University and as a result we are actively looking at becoming one of their official partners”.

See more Wacky Wardrobe Day photos (ever seen a nun driving a bus?!) on our Facebook page.


Issued by Peter Shipp

Chairman and Chief Executive

EYMS Group Limited

01482 327142


Photo shows Secretary Carla Varley as Minnie Mouse and Hull driver Russell Bartlett as ‘The Mask’ presenting the cheque to Rose James of the Children's University.


Hull Children’s University is a local charity that has been established for the past 19 years with a mission to raise the aspirations and build the confidence of young people in Hull.

Currently over 16,000 children in Hull are living in poverty with 84% of these children coming from out-of-work households.  These children may not have access to the opportunities that other children may receive, with many of these children having never left Hull and some having never ventured into the city centre.  Hull has the highest percentage of unemployment in the country and Hull Children’s University aims to change this by creating a better future for our children and a better future for Hull.

Hull Children’s University does this by providing learning experiences for children who would otherwise never get a chance to take part in them. Being an inclusive organisation, they take full classes of children on these experiences so that no child misses out.  Whether it is a trip to London to have a sleepover under the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum or if it is visiting a local business to learn about that industry, all children leave these experiences happy, excited and with new aspirations that they will hopefully carry with them into adulthood.

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