East Yorkshire Photography Competition 2019

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Entries are now open for the East Yorkshire Photography Competition 2019.

This year the theme is 'Places'.  There are four categories:

  • In the city (for pictures in urban areas, such as towns and cities).
  • In the country (for pictures in rural and countryside areas).
  • At the coast (for pictures near the seaside and along the coast).
  • Out of place (for photos that are a bit 'different', that use experimental techniques, or that push the boundaries, including photos with obvious use of Photoshop or other editing techniques).

All entries must have an East Yorkshire buses theme - including East Yorkshire buses, coaches, vintage vehicles, staff, buildings - use your imagination!

You can submit up to six photos total - this can be six photos in one category, or six spread across the different categories, whichever you prefer.

All photos must have been taken within the past ten years, and obviously you must have taken the photo yourself!

The twelve best entries will be included in the East Yorkshire 2020 calendar.

So, get snapping!  The best entry chosen will receive a £100 voucher to spend on photography equipment at Hull's Hilton Photographic shop, and eleven runners up will receive a free copy of the calendar. (Find out more about Hilton Photographic Shop at http://www.hiltonphoto.co.uk/ )

Send your photos to us by emailing competitions@eyms.co.uk (maximum attachment size 20MB).  Please make sure your photos are sent as separate attachments, not embeded into the email, and please send high resolution copies.

Remember to include your name, contact details (address, phone number and email address), title of your picture(s) and which category each picture is for.  Entries must reach us by 11pm on Sunday 18 August 2019.  Please read the full competition rules before entering.  Also, please make sure you send your photos as attachments, which are good enough resolution to print out for the judging, rather than embedding the photos in an email, otherwise we aren't able to print them out (often photos sent from smartphones will embed a photo, rather than attaching it, so please check before you press send).  Good luck!

Winning pictures will be displayed at our 2019 Big Bus Day event at Hull's Streetlife Museum on Saturday 7 September, and we'll also have some of the calendars for sale there.

Need inspiration?  Take a look at the 2018 winners, 2017 winners, 2016 winners, 2015 winners, 2014 winners and 2013 winners (these are links to Facebook).  The standard has been very high in previous years, but you'll notice the winning entrants show originality, so use your imagination and show us something different that stands out!

Here are some tips we've learned from previous competitions:

  • We get lots of shots of vehicles outside depots or in bus parks - if you're doing this, make your picture stand out by using your imagination and doing something different.
  • We don't get many photographs of coaches, so more coach photos are always welcome!
  • Think about the background - a potentially great photo can be ruined by an ugly fence or a parked car in the way.  Can you change the angle of the shot to avoid something unwanted in the background?
  • Plan ahead to get the shot you want - especially if you're photographing a moving vehicle.
  • Our open top buses are always a popular theme - if you're sending in a photo of an open top bus, how can you make it different and exciting, so it doesn't look the same as everyone else's pictures?
  • We get lots and lots of entries, so what will make the judges pick yours out as a winner?  Try to make your photo stand out from the crowd.
  • Always be safe when taking your photos, and never put yourself or anyone else in danger.  Watch out for traffic, and never enter restricted areas such as bus parks without permission.

We look forward to seeing this year's crop of entries!

John Gelson photo winner 2015 

2015 Winner John Gelson

Ashley Russell photo winner 2014 

2014 Winner Ashley Russell.

David Drasdo photo winner 2013

2013 Winner David Drasdo.

Richard Grantham Photo Winner 2008 

2008 Winner Richard Grantham.

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