New ticket machines

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 During the weekend of 27/28 October we've rolled out new ticket machines on our buses.

These ticket machines can take contactless payments, so you can now buy your single, return and day tickets on the bus using a credit/debit card.

The new machines also electronically scan and record some paper and app tickets.  Tickets that are valid for more than one journey (i.e. return and weekly tickets etc) will now have a QR code on them.  When you board the bus, simply scan your ticket QR code under the reader, and the machine will check it's valid.  For some tickets, the driver may also manually check your ticket.  If you're not sure where to scan your ticket the first time you get on board the bus, simply ask the driver.

Electronically checking tickets means everyone will be able to board faster, meaning quicker journeys for everyone.  Plus, we'll get more detail about exactly what stops people are boarding the bus at, so we'll be able to improve our services in future.

Please be aware that our drivers and passengers will take a little while to get used to the new machines, so please be patient for the first few days.

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