East Yorkshire set to be first to comply with York's Clean Air Zone

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Local bus company East Yorkshire is celebrating Clean Air Day with the announcement that it will become the first operator in York to comply with the latest emissions standards across all its vehicles operating in York city centre.

From January 2020, planned new policy from the City of York Council will require any bus which enters the city centre five or more times a day to meet the ultra-low emission bus standards, with the aim of improving air quality across the city.  East Yorkshire will meet these regulations around five months ahead of the implementation date.

Ultra-low emission buses (ULEBs) have significantly reduced pollution emissions and can be diesel or electric.  By the end of summer 2019, all East Yorkshire’s buses that operate on services to and from York will meet Euro 6 standards.  Euro 6 buses are the cleanest diesel buses available and make a significant difference to improving local air quality.

East Yorkshire is keen to make it clear that buses are part of the solution to improving air quality with continued investment in environmentally friendly buses that also provide a viable alternative to many car journeys and can help ease congestion.

Area Director Ben Gilligan commented on the announcement: “We are pleased to be further emphasising our commitment to improving the environment in which we live by investing in our fleet to ensure we meet the very highest emissions standards while offering improved services for our passengers.

“These improvements are all part of offering green public transport services which help ease congestion, which in turn improves air quality and has a wider health and economic impact on local communities too.  The City of York Council’s Clean Air Zone challenges bus operators to step up efforts to improve the environment further and we are delighted to be the first operator to fully meet this challenge.”

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, deputy leader and executive member for transport at the City of York Council, said: “This is really welcome news ahead of the introduction of our new Clean Air Zone next year.

“This announcement is also well time for Clean Air Day 2019, which raises awareness of air pollution and steps all drivers can take to reduce it.  We have an urgent need to cut all types of emissions causing climate change as well as reducing harmful vehicle pollution, which especially affects young people and the elderly.

“This ties into our new campaign - www.york.gov.uk/engineoff - which encourages drivers to turn off their engines when parked up and waiting.  This can improve air quality, but will also save you money and ultimately save lives.”

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