Bus ticket art

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To most of us, our daily bus journeys are a way to get to work, to visit friends and family, or to go on a day out.  But to one of our passengers, the daily commute to college by bus was inspiration for an art project.

Abbie Baker, a 17 year old student from Hessle, decided to use EYMS bus tickets as the basis of her AS Level Photography coursework.  Her project was on travel, and being a regular traveller on EYMS buses Abbie ended up with a lot of bus tickets.  She had always been interested in creating collages, so with a bit of help from her classmates and bus driver, she managed to collect enough tickets to produce several works of art.

Abbie, who travels to college every day on an EYMS bus, said that the inspiration behind her project was that "every individual bus ticket represents a journey".

Congratulations to Abbie, who gained an A grade in her course.  See some of her work below, or for more examples of EYMS-inspired art take a look at the winners of last year's photographic competition.

Bus ticket art

Abbie Baker photo 2


And see more of Abbie's photos here and here.

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