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As you sit back in your seat and relax on the bus home tonight, spare a thought for all the car drivers making the same journey.  New research has shown that bus travel is 33% less stressful than driving - and that getting the bus instead of the car can have "significant long-term health benefits."

The research, by Dr David Lewis of the University of Sussex, says that drivers face three main causes of stress, all of which can have long-term physiological and emotional implications:

  1. Driving in heavy traffic - this causes the brain to work very hard.  You lucky bus passengers can let our experienced drivers do the work while you sit back and relax!
  2. Congestion and delays - this can cause 'road rage' and lead drivers to take reckless and foolish decisions behind the wheel.
  3. A sense of frustration at 'wasting one's life' behind the wheel.  When you're driving a car you can't do anything except listen to the radio or have a casual conversation.  Yet if you're on the bus you can read a book or newspaper, do some work, talk or text on the phone, strike up a friendship with the person next to you or even have a quick nap!

So as you travel home tonight on the bus take a look out the window at those poor car drivers and congratulate yourself on making a great decision by getting the bus!

You can read more on Dr Lewis's work here.

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121 in snow at Hunmanby

A lot of car drivers told us they got the bus in the recent bad weather - it's much less stressful sitting back on the bus and letting our well-trained drivers get you through the snow rather than trying to drive through it yourself!

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