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The Hull based bus company, East Yorkshire Motor Services, has reported the results of its first full year since adopting new measures to reduce fuel consumption on its fleet of 280 buses and coaches which consume about 6 million litres of diesel each year.

The Company's award-winning training division has undertaken a major programme of specialised driver training for safe and fuel efficient driving (SAFED).  The SAFED training trial was started at the Company's Elloughton depot in December 2008 and following the successful results, almost all of the Company's 470 drivers have now been on this course.

Then in mid-2009 EYMS started a separate trial with "GreenRoad" on-bus telematics at its Hornsea depot.  This features a "traffic light" system in the cab to indicate to the driver how efficiently the bus is being driven.  This is a web-based system so drivers can log on to see how they are performing and compare this with depot averages.

This equipment has now been fitted on all the Company's buses and the combination of the SAFED training and the "Green Road" is now regularly achieving fuel consumption improvements of around 5%, with even better results at some depots.

EYMS Chairman, Peter Shipp, said "In a fleet of our size it represents a considerable fuel saving.  At present prices a 5% mpg improvement will cut our annual fuel bill by around £200,000.  This helps considerably but still comes nowhere near the £800,000 more we shall pay for diesel this year compared to 2010, even if the price does not go up even more."

"However in the present very difficult financial climate, we need to save money wherever we can and fuel is now such a big proportion of our total costs, so this is a very important area for us to concentrate on."

"Driving economically also means driving safely and the added benefit of these measures is a significant reduction in our already good accident record.  I am pleased to say that our accident record is getting even better and has resulted in no increase in our insurance premiums for next year so this will be another useful saving."

"However we still have a great deal more to do to try and recover about £1.6m in the coming year.  This is the combined financial effect of big cuts in the grants we get and even bigger cuts in concessionary travel payments from the local councils, coupled with the increased cost of fuel."




Issued by Peter Shipp

Chairman and Chief Executive

EYMS Group Limited

31 March 2011


EYMS Bus & Coach Training offer SAFED training to external companies and individuals with PCV licences - for more information on training with us, including upcoming course dates, see our Training pages.



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