BIGGEST ever single bus order to bring 20 new buses in 2008

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Hard on the heels of its announcement of an order for 13 more new buses to be delivered before the end of this year, Hull-based bus operator EYMS Group has confirmed another order for no less than 20 new double-deck buses to be delivered next spring, with even more probably to follow.

Apart from a big batch of minibuses bought in 1989, this call for 20 buses from one manufacturer is the biggest-ever single order for new buses placed by EYMS, and represents an investment of over £3 million.

EYMS Group chairman Peter Shipp said today that almost certainly the company will place further orders in due course for even more buses to be delivered in 2008, once certain contract requirements are known.

Mr Shipp said that the company remained determined to invest as much as it can afford in new buses.  “We believe that we already have a good record of investment”, said Mr Shipp, “having bought as many new buses as we can in the last few years, including what will now be a total of 21 buses in 2007, by the time the last five are delivered in December.  This year we have also bought two new coaches for our East Yorkshire Coaches holidays programme and private hire work, and seven coaches incorporating wheelchair-lifts for the long-distance services which we run on contract to National Express.”

“Already well over half our fleet is made up of buses built to the new accessibility standards – incorporating low floors and easy access for wheelchairs and those with walking difficulties, and these new orders will represent another big step towards achieving a fully ‘accessible’ fleet in advance of the Government’s target date of 2017.

“All these new buses make travel much easier and more pleasant for our passengers, and provide our drivers with better working conditions.  They also make a major contribution to the              environment as all new buses are built to ever more demanding standards which significantly reduce the amount of harmful exhaust emissions.  I am delighted to say that our latest buses also show better fuel economy than other recent deliveries which is definitely a step in the right direction.”

EYMS has not yet said which routes the 20 buses are destined for in 2008, but at least some will almost certainly be used to increase the number of accessible buses operating on local routes in Hull.  This is so that the company can more easily live up to its guarantee that where a route is designated as ‘accessible’ to be operated with low-floor buses, EYMS undertakes to ensure that at least 95% of journeys on that route are operated by this type of bus.

Including this order, since 2000 EYMS Group will have invested £21 million on new buses and a further £7 million on coaches – mainly for its subsidiary East Yorkshire Motor Services, but including some new vehicles for its smaller subsidiaries in Manchester, Finglands Coachways Limited, and Whittle Coach & Bus in Kidderminster.



These will be based on Volvo B9TL double-deck chassis (similar to all the double-decks in 2007). They will have Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini double-deck bodies, similar to the first eight buses delivered this year but with more minor design improvements.  All will feature Volvo’s Euro 4 engines to give improved fuel consumption as well as lower emissions, 11 camera CCTV systems, and more comfortable seats.  They will carry 74-seated passengers and will be authorised to carry about 10 or 11 standees.              

Chairman and Chief Executive
1 October 2007

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