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We've recently held two 'Swap With Me' events with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Hull and East Riding Institute for the Blind (HERIB).

  • Do people with sight difficulties know what it's like to be a bus driver?
  • Does a bus driver know what it's like to have sight loss?

These events let our bus drivers swap places with their blind and partially sighted customers so both could understand what it was like for the other.

The events allow drivers, wearing 'sim-specs' to simulate sight loss, experience boarding a bus, buying a ticket and finding a seat from the point of view of someone visually impaired, so that they could see how they can make the experience easier.

Blind and partially sighted participants were able to sit in the driver's seat to experience what it's like for the driver, so they can understand what they can do help make their own journey easier.

Both our drivers and the visually impaired visitors found the event very useful, and learned a lot.

Here's Dianne, with her Guide Dog Hattie and Tracy of the RNIB with Jason, who is experiencing the driver's perspective.

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