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We had a fantastic response to our EYMS-themed Photography Competition, with over 120 entries received - many of an extremely high standard.

It was difficult to pick the winner, but judges Peter Shipp, Chairman of EYMS and Les Stubbs, long-standing EYMS official photographer, chose a photo by David Drasdo of Willerby as the overall winner.

David won a £100 photography equipment voucher for Hull's Hilton Photography shop.

Read on to see the winning and highly commended photographs, plus some comments from professional photographer Les Stubbs on why they were chosen.

David Drasdo photo winner 2013

David Drasdo, with his winning photograph.

Winning Photo David Drasdo

Interchange, by David Drasdo.  Overall Winner.

"This photo jumped out from the first viewing, and was first on our short list.  What we loved about this photograph was the perspective.  All the lines converge to a perfect vanishing point, so your eyes are drawn superbly into the picture.  All the colours are relatively neutral, with just the red of the two buses, and it is a very 'clean' picture.  There is no mess or clutter - so often a picture is spoilt with street furniture, or lampposts sticking out the top of main subjects.  Even the 'Wolverine' picture on the side of the bus really works - the figure is almost leading the bus in a charge.  We also liked the fact that the front of the bus is cut off, making it look almost like a building.  Although we had a very high standard of entries overall, this was a very worthy winner."


142 Leaving South Dalton Jane Morley

142 Leaving South Dalton, by Jane Morley.  Highly Commended.

"This is a good image.  In our opinion, it would look better as a portrait format, cropped tighter with the church taking most of the left-hand picture area.  But really nice."


A night at the monument Ashley Russell

A Night At The Monument, by Ashley Russell.  Highly Commended.

"A really nice image, again great quality and technique.  Maybe could have been cropeed into an upright, leaving the arch to frame the picture, but that's just our view and not a criticism."


Amongst the Queen's flowers Ashley Russell

Amongst The Queen's Flowers, by Ashley Russell.  Highly Commended.

"Nice idea, and good composition.  Could have just included the top of the building."


Anonymous night photo

Anonymous.  Highly Commended.

"This was in our top three.  Can't fault the technique and the image quality, and we really liked the atmosphere it created."


As Transport Evolved Ashley Russell

As Transport Evolved, by Ashley Russell.  Highly Commended.

"Lovely image, not a lot wrong with it.  The photographer obviously spent a lot of time planning this one."


As Transport Evolved Ashley Russell

Breathe In Please, by Ray Pollin.  Highly Commended.

"Great image, but might have worked better as a landscape, cutting out excess sky."


East Yorkshire Guide To Ride V Poole

East Yorkshire Guide To Ride, by V Poole.  Highly Commended.

"Very well composed.  Sharp, and spot-on exposure.  Just not 'bussy' enough for us!"


On Top Of The World Sarah Byrne

On Top Of The World, by Sarah Byrne.  Highly Commended.

"I really like this.  The perspective and composition is good.  Very highly rated, but it would have placed higher if more recognisable as a bus."


Picking Up Ramblers In Nunburnholme Simon Oliver

Picking up ramblers in Nunburnholme, by Simon Oliver.  Highly Commended.

"Nice picture, and a typical brochure-quality image.  Composition is good, and it's taken during some great weather, which is always something a photographer should be aware of.  This photo wouldn't have worked on a dull day."


Single Decker In Skidby Paul Lakin

Single Decker In Skidby, by Paul Lakin.  Highly commended.

"A lovely picture.  The composition is helped by using the trees as a frame.  Just the right amount going on in the picture, I can't fault it.  The only reason it's not an automatic winner is the extremely high quality of all the entries we received."


Sykes Monument Samuel North

Sykes Monument, by Samuel North.  Highly Commended.

"I really liked this, and it was my second choice overall.  It's the blue truck in the centre that makes the picture for me.  Very nice."


Through The Gate Ashley Russel

Through The Gate, by Ashley Russell.  Highly Commended.

"Good idea, it's just a shame the unfortunate scaffolding on the building in the top right hand corner spoils the picture.  If taken from a lower angle or slightly over to the right, it might have hidden it more with the gatepost."


And here are a few more photographs that we liked, but didn't make the final twelve - showing the high standard of entries overall.

Autumnal Hunmanby David Longbottom

Autumnal Hunmanby, by David Longbottom.


Bell Jenny Young

Bell, by Jenny Young


Bigger Trees Near Warter Samuel North

Bigger Trees Near Warter, by Samuel North


Bungee Darren Stockdale

Bungee Cage by Darren Stockdale.


Coast and Country David Longbottom

Coast and Country, by David Longbottom.


Coast to Eyeliner Steven Hearn

Coast to Eyeliner, by Steven Hearn


Getting There Samuel North

Getting There, by Samuel North


Hefenfelth Samuel North

Hefenfelth, by Samuel North


Muston Scarecrows Julie Fairweather

Muston Scarecrows, by Julie Fairweather


Trails Zachary Claret Scott

Trails, by Zachary Claret Scott.


More photos can be viewed at www.facebook.com/EYBuses

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