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Snow is forecast over the next few days, so it's a good time to give you some advice on bus travel during extreme weather.

How do I check whether my bus is running?

Before and whilst travelling keep an eye on the Disruptions tab on the EYMS Buses app, Real Time Disruption page on this website or, if you use Twitter,  When waiting at the bus stop you can use your smartphone to access our Bus Tracker to see when your bus will arrive, or you can tap the stop you're waiting at and then choose 'Departures'.  Buses in green are being live tracked.  You can also get bus information by ringing BusLine on 01482 59 29 29.  They are open Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm.

What information can I get via Twitter?

We update Twitter as much as we can, with information such as diversions, road closures and major delays.  Before tweeting us a question, please make sure you read all our previous tweets, as we may have already answered your question.  At times of extreme disruption we get many tweets asking the same thing, so questions about something we have already posted about will go unanswered in order to give us time to post important new information.  See the 'When will information be available?' question below too.

What information can I get via this website?

Our Real-Time Disruption page shows our last few tweets.  However, at times of extreme disruption, you may be better off checking Twitter directly as we may have more tweets than will fit on the page.  See the 'When will information be available?' question below too.

What information can I get via the EYMS Buses app?

We update the 'Disruptions' tab as much as we can, with information such as diversions, road closures and major delays.  See the 'When will information be available?' question below too.

What information can I get from BusLine?

BusLine can give you information on any of our buses, including information on diversions, current road and traffic situations, times, alternative bus stops etc.  Please be aware that BusLine deal with enquiries from all across Hull, East Yorkshire, York and North Yorkshire, they receive a very high volume of calls during bad weather, and lines can become congested.  You may wish to check whether the answer to your question has been posted online before ringing them.  BusLine is open 8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.  See the 'When will information be available?' question below too.

When will information be available?

Sometimes people ask us: 'It's snowing tonight.  Will my bus be running tomorrow morning?'  Unfortunately, we are not weather forecasters!  We only have as much information on the weather conditions as you do, so we cannot predict what conditions will be like in advance.  In the morning our depots send the first buses out onto routes around 6am-7am (depending on the service).  Until the drivers start to report back we do not know which routes are passable.  Our depots then report back to Head Office about specific routes, and these reports are posted onto Twitter, our app and our website.  Until the first buses have gone out onto a route we do not have any information, so we cannot provide any updates.  We will post information as soon as we have it, so please check our previous postings before asking questions.  If we have to answer the same question several times it delays us from posting the information for everyone to see!

I think my bus will be running.  What should I do?

  • Before you set off, use our Bus Tracker on our website or the Disruptions tab on the EYMS Buses app to see if your bus is currently running on time.
  • Set off in plenty of time to catch your bus.  Pavements may be slippery so it may take you longer than normal to get to the bus stop.
  • Wrap up well.  In snowy weather traffic can often be slow so your bus may be delayed and you will need to keep warm at the bus stop.
  • Wear something bright.  If it is dark or snowing it is harder for the driver to see you, so make sure you signal the bus clearly as it approaches.  If visibility is poor or you're at a rural stop with no street lighting, you may want to signal to the driver using a torch or a lit mobile phone, to help the driver see you in time.
  • Be patient. The driver's most important job is keeping you safe, so he or she may drive slower than normal if the roads are icy.  Driving in such conditions is difficult and requires concentration, so please try not to distract the driver.  You may get home later than normal, but the weather will have affected everyone, including those in cars, and at least you have got home safely.
  • Be careful.  The pavement at the bus stop may be icy, so be careful when stepping off the bus.  If you are unsteady on your feet you can ask the driver to lower the bus for you so there is less of a step to the pavement.
  • Help each other out.  If you have a smartphone and can access our Twitter, app or website please update other people at the bus stop if your bus is delayed or diverted.

Why is my bus running late?  There's no snow on my road!

Weather conditions can vary dramatically from area to area.  A main road in a town may be completely free of snow, but half a mile into the countryside and it can be impassable.  Some town estates and side roads are not gritted and get very icy, and can be unsafe for buses to travel along.  Sometimes when it snows cars can be abandoned or badly parked, meaning buses cannot get past.  Also, although our drivers are highly experienced at driving in all weathers, they have a responsibility to their passengers to get them home safely, so they may have to drive slower than normal to ensure the safety of the bus.  Please be patient.

Got a photo of one of our buses in a snowy scene?  Send it to us by Facebook or Twitter, we'll put the best ones on here!

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