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 From 6 May there will be changes to many buses, including:

  • An extra early morning journey for Service X46.
  • More buses between Hull and Beverley, now with up to five buses an hour between Hull and Beverley during the day.
  • Buses to the Siemens factory in Hull.
  • An extra Service 79 journey.
  • More buses to Brandesburton.

Read on to find out more about the changes...


  • Service X46

Service X46 will have an extra early morning bus between Beverley and Hull, ideal for commuters.  There will also be some minor changes to times to help buses stay on time in the busy York traffic.

There will also be extra journeys between Beverley and Hull on Service 246 (see below).

See the new Service X46 timetable.

  • Services 121 & 120 & X21 & 122

Service 121 is a very long route, and it can get delayed by busy traffic, especially in the busy summer months.  From 6 May we'll be splitting the service at Bridlington, to help buses run on time.  Service 121 will now travel between Hull and Bridlington, by the same route as before.  Service 12 will then run the old Service 121 route between Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough.  You'll be able to connect at Bridlington between the two buses, if you need to.  Services 121 and 12 should be more reliable, as shorter journeys are less likely to be delayed.  There will also be Service 13 running between Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough via the holiday villages, replacing former Services 120/X20.  Summer Service X21 will run between Hull, Beverley and Scarborough as normal, starting on 27 May.

Service 122 will have some minor changes to times to help it stay on time in busy traffic.

See the new Service 121 timetable.

See the new Service 122 timetable.

See the new Service 12 & 13 timetable.

See the Summer Service X21 timetable.

  • Services 240 & 246

Service 240 will have minor changes to times, and all buses will now run via Brandesburton, using New Road.

Service 246 will have new times, and there will be extra Service 246 buses between Beverley and Hull, meaning there are now up to five buses an hour between Beverley and Hull during the day, rather than four.

In Brandesburton, both Service 240 and 246 will use New Road rather than Main Street, as we have had problems with Main Street being blocked by badly parked cars, with buses being unable to get through.

See the new Service 240 timetable.

See the new Service 246 timetable.

  • Services 220, 221 & 230

These services will no longer be run by EYMS.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council are providing a replacement services.  Full details are on the council's website by clicking here.

  • Hornsea Town Service 550

There will be a new timetable for Hornsea Town Service 550.

See the new Service 550 timetable.

  • Beverley Town Service 520/521

Beverley Town Service 520/521 will have some minor changes.  There will be an extra Service 521 journey at 2.55pm, Monday-Friday.  The 7.25am journey will no longer run, as it's not used very much.  All other journeys will continue running as normal, with no changes.

See the new Service 520/521 timetable.

  • Services 180, X80 & 143

Services 180 & X80 are replaced by new Service 80, which will use the fast X80 route between Beverley, Cottingham, Willerby, Anlaby and Hessle.

Service 80 will not serve North Ferriby, however, Service 143 will now serve North Ferriby, giving a link between North Ferriby, Brough, South Cave and Beverley.

Walkington, Little Weighton and Skidby will now be served by new Service 63, which will link these villages with Beverley, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham and Hull City Centre.

See the new Service 80 timetable.

See the new Service 63 timetable.

See the new Service 143 timetable.

  • Services 45 & 46 and Service 18

From 6 May there are changes to Services 18, 45 & 46.

STOP PRESS: Service 18 will now have a new timetable, funded by the local councils.

See the Service 18 timetable.

Service 46 will now go to Holme on Spalding Moor, providing a link between Holme, Market Weighton, Pocklington and York. 

Service 45 times change slightly, to help buses stay on time in busy York traffic.

See the new Service 45/46 timetable.

  • Services 78, 79 & 277

Services 78 & 79 will now serve the bus stop at the Siemens factory in Hull.

There will be an extra Service 79 bus running Monday-Friday between Hedon and Hull, starting at Inmans Estate at 4.18pm.

Service 277 will change, and will no longer serve Burstwick or Weghill Road in Preston.  This means Station Road in Preston is now served in both directions.

There are no changes to Hull-Hedon-Withernsea Services 75/76/77.

See the new Service 78/79 timetable.

See the new Service 277 timetable.

  • Services 195, 196, 198 & 199

From 6 May, these council-funded services will no longer be run by EYMS, but will instead be run by different bus operators.

New timetables are now on the council website

We will be running a new Pocklington Town Bus, funded by Pocklington Town Council.  Look out for the new timetable coming soon.

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