Service 18

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 From Monday 6 August there will be a new timetable for Service 18.

This will replace the 'temporary' timetable which was running, and will mean that Holme on Spalding Moor and the other East Riding villages now have a direct bus through to York, instead of having to catch an ERYC shuttle bus to connect with the main bus.  Many journey times are similar to before, although some have a different of a few minutes.

See the new Service 18 timetable.

This service is provided with the funding of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council.

Apologies for the short notice of the change, but the contract was only confirmed on 31 July.

The Service 46 journeys from Holme on Spalding Moor to York and Pocklington will also continue to run, with no changes.

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