Scarborough town buses

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 From 9 September there will be changes to Services 10 and 11.

Service 11: Scarborough - Newby

Buses will now use Coldyhill Lane on the way to Newby, which means it is easier for you to get between Proudfoot Supermarket and Newby.  Buses will still use Green Lane on the way back to Scarborough.

See the new Service 11 timetable.

Service 10: Scarborough - Hospital

This will now be split into two services. 

Service 10 will go straight down Scalby Road to Hovingham Drive and the Hospital, and will also serve the cemetery.  See the new Service 10 timetable.

New Service 20 will serve Evelyn Drive and Sandybed Lane.  See the new Service 20 timetable.

New Scarborough Town Buses booklets will be available from our Scarborough Travel Centre in the Rail Station shortly.

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