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There are often events and roadworks around the region which may cause delays or diversions for bus services.  Thank you for your patience during any delays.

If you have any questions about the roadworks below ring BusLine on 01482 59 29 29, open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.  They can let you know the latest situation on the roads, tell you where your nearest bus stop can be found, and suggest ways to make your journey easier.  To keep up-to-date on roadworks you can also sign up to our e-newsletter.  Or follow us on   Twitter logo   at 

This webpage shows planned closures, for roadworks and events etc.  For unscheduled diversions, e.g. for accidents and emergency works, please see our Real-Time Disruption webpage or download the EY Buses app.

Last updated 18/06/19: There are current or upcoming roadworks or events in the following areas:

  • York - Skeldergate closure - details
  • Cottingham - Eppleworth Road closure - details
  • Cottingham - West End Road evening closures - details
  • Howden - road closures - details
  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop - details


  • York - Skeldergate

Skeldergate in York City Centre will be closed from 10am on 12 June for two weeks.  Services X46, X47 and 747 will have to use Rougier Street to the Station, and then will have to turn around on Nunnery Lane.  Although no bus stops will be missed, there are some delays possible due to traffic on the diversion route, so please allow a little extra time for your journey.


  • Cottingham - Eppleworth Road closure

Eppleworth Road in Cottingham will be closed between Green Lane and St. Margaret's Avenue for the installation of a new sewer.  The road will be closed from Monday 17 June for up to five weeks.

During this time, Services 63, 63C and 106 will divert via St Margaret's Avenue in both directions.  Stops on Green Lane and some on Eppleworth Road will not be served.


  • Cottingham - evening road closures

From Monday 3 June until around Friday 21 June the roundabout at the junction of Southwood Road and Baynard Avenue, and then part of West End Road (near the Fair Maid public house) will be closed, affecting buses after 6pm.

Service 115 will be able to serve Burton Road and The Parkway during this phase, but divert via Southwood Road, St Margaret's Avenue and Eppleworth Road, missing some stops on Southwood Road and Baynard Avenue.


  • Howden - road closures

Emergency works on Pinfold Street are causing diversions for buses.  From Monday 3 June buses between 6pm and 11pm buses will divert via Station Road, Shelford Avenue and Northolmby Street back to Pinfold Street.  These evening closures are likely to be in place for around 3 weeks.

From 25 June until 12 August there will be 24/7 road closures of part of Pinfold Street.  Buses will go from Long's Corner along Hull Road, then divert along Hailgate and Treeton Avenue before rejoining the normal route at Knedlington Road.  This will miss the bus stops at the fish stop at the start of Flatgate, the Memorial stop and the stop at the PA building.  Temporary stops will be available on the diversion route on Hailgate near Langrick Avenue and on Hailgate near Charles Briggs Avenue.

There will be further closures after 13 August for another phase of the roadworks - we'll give you more information nearer the time when details are confirmed.


  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop

We are having to temporarily stop serving a bus stop down Cottingham Road due to a dangerous tree.  We have had several buses damaged by the tree in recent weeks, so for safety reasons the stop won't be served by buses until work can be done to make the tree safe.  The stop affected is on Cottingham Road, near Townend Court (just before the Chanterlands Avenue traffic lights), going towards Hull/from Cottingham.  Only this one stop is affected, and the stop on the other side of the road will still be served as normal.  If you normally board or alight the bus here there are several alternative stops available, including the stop outside McDonalds, the stop at Cottingham Grove and the stop just beyond the Chanterlands Avenue lights.  The stop will be clearly marked as 'out of use' by Hull City Council until the tree can be made safe.

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