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There are often events and roadworks around the region which may cause delays or diversions for bus services.  Thank you for your patience during any delays.

If you have any questions about the roadworks below ring BusLine on 01482 59 29 29, open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.  They can let you know the latest situation on the roads, tell you where your nearest bus stop can be found, and suggest ways to make your journey easier.  To keep up-to-date on roadworks you can also sign up to our e-newsletter.  Or follow us on   Twitter logo   at 

This webpage shows planned closures, for roadworks and events etc.  For unscheduled diversions, e.g. for accidents and emergency works, please see our Real-Time Disruption webpage or download the EYMS Buses app.

Last updated 8/12/17: There are current or upcoming roadworks or events in the following areas:

  • Withernsea - now reopened - details
  • Eastfield - overnight road closure - details
  • Thornton Le Dale - bus stop out of use - details
  • Bridlington - Hilderthorpe Road - details
  • Rawcliffe Bridge - bridge closure DATES NOW EXTENDED - details
  • Bridlington - roadworks - details
  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop - details


  • Withernsea

Queen Street has now reopened, so buses are running their normal route in Withernsea.


  • Eastfield

Westway is closed overnight from 7pm until 7am on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 December.  Service 7 will divert from Westway onto Holme Hill and then rejoin its normal route on Cayton Low Road.  Service 17 will use Cayton Low Road and then left onto Holme Hill and Westway.  Bus stops at Westway/Ridgeway and Manham Hill can't be served.

Daytime buses (after 7am and before 7pm) will be able to run as normal.



  • Thornton Le Dale

Roadworks which will take place from Monday 13 November until end of December/early January mean Service 128 won't be able to serve the last bus stop in Thornton Le Dale on the way to Scarborough (just after Outgang Lane, almost opposite what used to be Easthill Farmhouse and Lodges).  The stop will be out of use until the works finish.  There will be a temporary stop near the row of cottages just after Outgang Lane, so please use this instead.


  • Bridlington

From Monday 2 October, part of Hilderthorpe Road will be closed between Bridge Street and Springfield Avenue for drainage works.  The road is expected to be closed until the end of January 2018.

Whilst the road is closed, Services 45, 46, 121, 506, 130 and 131 will have to divert via Station Road and Quay Road on their way to the bus station. 

On their way from the bus station, they will divert via Promenade, Trinity Road, Wellington Road, Quay Road and Station Road. 

Stops on Hilderthorpe Road, between Station Road and the town centre, cannot be served.

Service 503 will divert going south only, via Bridge Street, South Cliffe Road, South Marine Drive and Horsforth Avenue.  Buses going north should not be affected.



  • Rawcliffe Bridge

For 4 weeks from 23 October, Service 88 will be unable to serve Rawcliffe Bridge as the bridge will be closed.

Service 88 will divert around via the A614 and Greenland Lane.

A shuttle bus will run between Rawcliffe Bridge and Rawcliffe, where it will connect with Service 88.  Please catch this at your normal time from Rawcliffe Bridge or Rawcliffe.  (Please note the shuttle bus is not run by EYMS).

*** STOP PRESS *** The closure has now been extended until 18 December.  The shuttle bus will continue running until the bridge reopens.


  • Bridlington - roadworks

Long-term roadworks in Bridlington cause diversions for buses in the town.

Buses coming in to the town via Bessingby (Services 505/506, 45/46 & 121) will use Station Avenue (turning left just after B&Q) and then Quay Road.  Leaving Bridlington (towards Hull), they will use their normal route.

Any buses which normally use Prospect Road to leave the Bus Station/Town Centre (Services 505, 507, 517 & 512) willl use Bridge Street, Hilderthorpe Road and Springfield Avenue, before resuming their normal route on Quay Road.  These buses can run their normal route on the way into the town centre/Bus Station.



  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop

We are having to temporarily stop serving a bus stop down Cottingham Road due to a dangerous tree.  We have had several buses damaged by the tree in recent weeks, so for safety reasons the stop won't be served by buses until work can be done to make the tree safe.  The stop affected is on Cottingham Road, near Townend Court (just before the Chanterlands Avenue traffic lights), going towards Hull/from Cottingham.  Only this one stop is affected, and the stop on the other side of the road will still be served as normal.  If you normally board or alight the bus here there are several alternative stops available, including the stop outside McDonalds, the stop at Cottingham Grove and the stop just beyond the Chanterlands Avenue lights.  The stop will be clearly marked as 'out of use' by Hull City Council until the tree can be made safe.

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