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There are often events and roadworks around the region which may cause delays or diversions for bus services.  Thank you for your patience during any delays.

If you have any questions about the roadworks below ring BusLine on 01482 59 29 29, open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.  They can let you know the latest situation on the roads, tell you where your nearest bus stop can be found, and suggest ways to make your journey easier.  To keep up-to-date on roadworks you can also sign up to our e-newsletter.  Or follow us on   Twitter logo   at 

This webpage shows planned closures, for roadworks and events etc.  For unscheduled diversions, e.g. for accidents and emergency works, please see our Real-Time Disruption webpage or download the EYMS Buses app.

Last updated 22/2/19: There are current or upcoming roadworks or events in the following areas:

  • Hull - Lowgate road closure - details
  • Cottingham - Castle Road stop - details
  • A165 near Reighton - road closure - details
  • East Ayton - road closure - details
  • Hull - Wold Road/Wymersley Road closures *updated* - details
  • Scarborough - Scalby Road closure - details
  • Scarborough - Newlands Park Drive closure - details
  • Brough - road closure - details
  • York - road closure - details
  • Bridlington - road closures - details
  • Cottingham - evening road closures - details
  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop - details



  • Hull - Lowgate road closure

Lowgate will again be closed between Alfred Gelder Street and Guildhall Road for roadworks.  The closure will be in place from Monday 25 February until Sunday 10 March.  Service 21 will divert outbound via Drypool Bridge and North Bridge, missing the stop on Wilberforce Drive.  Service 21 will divert inbound via Wilberforce Drive, Guildhall Road and Quay Street, missing one stop on Alfred Gelder Street.  These roadworks have in the past caused delays to services which operate in this area.


  • Cottingham - Castle Road stop

The Eastbound bus stop on Castle Road between Gate 2 and Gate 3 of Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham will be closed from Monday 25 February for one week.  The nearest alternative stop is just inside Gate 2 of Castle Hill Hospital.



  • A165

The roundabout near The Dotterel Pub will be closed for two days from Thursday 21 February.  All buses on the A165 to/from Bridlington will have to divert via Reighton village and Speeton in both directions, which may cause delays.   Thanks for your patience.


  • East Ayton

On Tuesday 5 March a section of the A170 near East Ayton will be closed from 7pm.  The Service 128 buses that leave Pickering at 7.10pm, 7.30pm and 8.10pm will have to divert.  They will turn right at The Forge Tea Rooms in Brompton on to Hungate, then go via Ings Lane and the A64 to resume their normal rotue at Seamer Roundabout.  Bus stops between Brompton and Seamer can't be served whilst the road is closed.

*** Please note date has changed to 5 March due to the roadworks being rescheduled ***


  • Hull - Wold Road/Wymersley Road - new dates

There will be a series of road closures on Wold Road/Wymersley Road for ten weeks from Monday 4 March (previously scheduled for 25 February).  The roadworks will take place in phases, involving different diversions for Services 33, 34 and 35.

Monday 4 March until Sunday 31 March (approx.): Wymersley Road will be closed.  Services 33, 34 and 35 will run from Willerby Road via County Road South and Wold Road in both directions, turning around at the junction of Wold Road/Wymersley Road, then returning the same way to Willerby Road.  Buses which start/finish at the Highway Pub on Wymersley Road will instead start/finish at the Wold Road/Wymersley Road junction.

Monday 1 April (approx.) until Sunday 12 May (approx.): Wold Road will be closed between Country Road South and Wymersley Road, and then at the Wold Road/Hotham Road South junction.  Services 33, 34 and 35 will run from Willerby Road to Wymersley Road, turning at the junction with Wold Road and returning back along Wymersley Road.  Buses which start/finish at the Highway Pub on Wymersley Road will instead start/finish at the Wold Road/Wymersley Road junction.

Sirius Academy buses 296 & 297 will not be affected by these closures and will operate as normal.  These buses do, however, have a new timetable from Monday 25 February.


  • Scarborough - Scalby Road

For two weeks from 18 February Scalby Road is closed between the junctions with Coldyhill Lane and Hackness Road. 

Service 11 will run as normal to the Rosette, where it will turn left onto Scalby Road, left onto Scalby Beck Road, right onto Tibby Butts to South Street, right onto Stony Lane, right onto Scalby Road, right at the Rosette and then left at Four Lane Ends in order to get to Green Lane via Moor Lane and Throxenby Lane.

Service 9 and Service 115 buses from Scarborough will run via Throxenby Lane, Moor Lane and Hackness Road, turning left at The Rosette back onto Scalby Road.

Service 9A and Service 115 buses towards Scarborough will turn right at The Rosette and follow the diversion above in reverse.

The stops at Proudfoots and Scalby Road/Hirstead Road and Scalby Road/Green Lane can't be served on the way into Scarborough during the road closure.

These roadworks are dependent on weather and the completion of other roadworks, so the dates may change slightly.


  • Scarborough - Newlands Park Drive

Newlands Park Drive will be closed between Cross Lane and Givendale Road from 25 February until 1 March.

Service 8 will run as normal to Cross Lane, and then instead of turning right onto Newlands Park Drive, it will go to the bottom of Cross Lane, turn right onto Burniston Road, right onto Weydale Avenue, right onto Givendale Road, then left onto North Leas Avenue to resume its normal route.

Service 8A will run as normal to North Leas Avenue, where it will turn right onto Givendale Road, left onto Weydale Avenue and left onto Burniston Road, resuming its normal route on Cross Lane. 

Newlands shops can't be served during the closure.

These roadworks are dependent on weather and the completion of other roadworks, so the dates may change slightly.


  • Brough

From Saturday 16 February, part of Welton Road in Brough will be closed.  This closure is expected to last until Sunday 24 February but may be extended.

Services 143, 153, 155/X55 and BC8 will divert when travelling from Brough towards Welton and the stop between Loxley Way and Water Lane will not be served.  There will be no diversion for buses running from Welton towards Brough.

*** STOP PRESS *** We understand that these roadworks are likely to overrun, and may still be on after half term, which may cause delays for school buses in the area.


  • York

On Monday 25 February, 9.30am-3.30pm, Field Lane will be closed at Heslington Church for roadworks.  Service 46 will divert via Innovation Way and Church Lane, missing stops at Heslington Church and Heslington Hall.


  • Bridlington

Part of Quay Road in Bridlington will be closed from 4 February.  The closure is expected to last several months.  Buses will divert as follows:

Services 2 & 3: Buses will go from Station Avenue via Quay Road, Station Road, Hilderthorpe Road, Beck Hill, Chapel Street then to the Bus Station.  From the Bus Station, they will go via normal route to Queen Street, then Bridge Street, Hilderthorpe Road, Station Road and Quay Road to Station Avenue.  Buses can't serve the two stops at the end of Station Approach on Quay Road, and the two stops on Prospect Street.

Services 4 & 5/5A: Buses will go from Quay Road via Station Avenue, Station Road, Hilderthorpe Road, Beck Hill and Chapel Street to the Bus Station.  Then they will use Bridge Street, Hilderthorpe Road, Station Road and Station Avenue to Quay Road.  Buses can't serve the two stops at the end of Station Approach on Quay Road, and the two stops on Prospect Street.

Services 45/45A, 121, 130 & 136: Hilderthorpe Road will reopen when Quay Road is closed, and these buses will finally be able to go back to their normal routes, using Hilderthorpe Road and Beck Hill to reach the town centre.  Leaving Bridlington, buses can use Hilderthorpe Road (except Service 136, which will continue running along Horsforth Avenue when leaving the town).


  • Cottingham - evening road closures

King Street in Cottingham will be closed in the evening for roadworks from Monday 28 January for around seven weeks.  Buses will have to divert from 6pm-11pm on weekdays and 5pm-11pm on Sundays.  (There is no closure on Saturday evenings).

The diversions are:

Service 63: buses divert via Newgate Street, South Street, Baynard Avenue and West End Road.

Service 80: buses divert via South Street, Newgate Street, Thwaite Stret, New Village Road and Northgate.

Services 103/105/X47: buses divert via Thwaite Street, Newgate Street, South Street, Baynard Avenue and West End Road.

Service 115: buses divert via Thwaite Street, Newgate Street, South Street and Southwood Road.

You'll be able to get on/off the bus at any stop on the diversion route.  The most convenient alternative stop for most people to use instead of Cottingham Green/King Street is the stop on Newgate Street (between King Street and Priory Road).

From Monday 25 February for around one week, the Cottingham Green/King Street stop outside Sainsbury's will be out of use.  There will be a temporary stop outside Bargain Booze during this time.


  • Hull - Cottingham Road stop

We are having to temporarily stop serving a bus stop down Cottingham Road due to a dangerous tree.  We have had several buses damaged by the tree in recent weeks, so for safety reasons the stop won't be served by buses until work can be done to make the tree safe.  The stop affected is on Cottingham Road, near Townend Court (just before the Chanterlands Avenue traffic lights), going towards Hull/from Cottingham.  Only this one stop is affected, and the stop on the other side of the road will still be served as normal.  If you normally board or alight the bus here there are several alternative stops available, including the stop outside McDonalds, the stop at Cottingham Grove and the stop just beyond the Chanterlands Avenue lights.  The stop will be clearly marked as 'out of use' by Hull City Council until the tree can be made safe.

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