10% Discount Cards

Sorry, our 10% Discount Cards are no longer available.

From the end of October 2018, we'll be getting new ticket machines, complete with contactless technology.

This means that from the last weekend in October 2018 we'll no longer be able to accept top-up cards on the bus, including 10% Discount Cards, Student Discount Cards or Go Cards. If you already have a card you can keep using it to pay for fares until 26 October, but we won't be taking any further top-ups on cards from 15 October, and we are no longer taking applications for new cards.

Alternatively, simply pay for your single and return journeys on the bus – with contactless payments available from the end of October.

If you travel regularly, you may find weekly tickets will save you money – they're available from the bus driver, or from the EY Buses app. We also have 30 day tickets on the EY Buses app.