Service 1

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  • Scarborough Town Centre - Cayton via Holbeck Hill - Middle Deepdale - Eastfield1

    Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday

    St Thomas Street (E)7.358.359.5510.5511.5512.551.552.553.554.555.55
    Westborough (L)7.408.4010.0011.0012.
    Wheatcroft Avenue7.508.5010.1011.1012.
    Middle Deepdale7.558.5510.1511.1512.
    Eastfield (Eastway/Overdale)7.578.5710.1711.1712.
    Eastfield (Moor Lane)7.588.5810.1811.1812.
    Green Park Road8.029.0210.2211.2212.
    Cayton Main Street8.039.0310.2311.2312.
  • Cayton - Scarborough Town Centre via Eastfield - Middle Deepdale - Holbeck Hill1

    Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday

    Cayton Main Street8.049.0410.2411.2412.
    Eastfield (Moor Lane)8.069.0610.2611.2612.
    Eastfield (Eastway)8.079.0710.2711.2712.
    Middle Deepdale8.099.0910.2911.2912.
    Wheatcroft Avenue8.169.1610.3611.3612.361.362.363.364.365.366.36
    St Thomas Street8.319.3110.5111.5112.511.512.513.514.515.516.46

Coming soon - these buses will serve Middle Deepdale from 16 April 2018!

This version of the timetable runs from 16th April 2018.


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