Service 503

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  • Darwin Road - Bridlington Circular via Bridlington Bus Station503

    Days of Operation: Monday to Friday

    Darwin Road9.1010.1011.1012.
    Marton Road Post Office9.1410.1411.1412.
    Hustler Road9.1810.1811.1812.
    Health Centre9.3110.3111.3112.311.312.313.31
    Cardigan Road9.3310.3311.3312.331.332.333.33
    Belvedere Circle9.3810.3811.3812.381.382.383.38
    Avocet Way9.4210.4211.4212.421.422.423.42
    Health Centre9.4810.4811.4812.481.482.483.48
    Bridlington Bus Station (B1)9.5510.5511.5512.551.552.553.55
    Hustler Road9.5910.5911.5912.591.592.593.59
    Marton Road Post Office10.0311.0312.
    Darwin Road10.0811.0812.
  • Darwin Road - Bridlington Circular via Bridlington Bus Station503

    Days of Operation: Saturday

    Darwin Road8.109.1010.1011.1012.
    Marton Road Post Office8.149.1410.1411.1412.
    Hustler Road8.189.1810.1811.1812.
    Health Centre8.319.3110.3111.3112.311.312.313.31
    Cardigan Road8.339.3310.3311.3312.331.332.333.33
    Belvedere Circle8.389.3810.3811.3812.381.382.383.38
    Avocet Way8.429.4210.4211.4212.421.422.423.42
    Health Centre8.489.4810.4811.4812.481.482.483.48
    Bridlington Bus Station (B1)8.559.5510.5511.5512.551.552.553.55
    Hustler Road8.599.5910.5911.5912.591.592.593.59
    Marton Road Post Office9.0310.0311.0312.
    Darwin Road9.0810.0811.0812.

From Tuesday 5 May Service 503 will start running in the opposite direction around the Amy Johnson Avenue/Darwin Road 'hail and ride' loop - i.e. the bus will run anti-clockwise instead of clockwise.

This version of the timetable runs from 11th April 2016. See the current timetable.


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