Service 277

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  • Hull - Burstwick via Preston - Hedon277
    Hull - Burstwick via Preston277

    Days of Operation: Monday to Friday

    Hull Interchange7.359.2010.2012.202.205.35
    Westminster Avenue7.509.3510.3512.352.355.55
    Saltshouse Road7.549.3910.3912.392.395.59
    Bilton (Church)7.599.4410.4412.442.446.04
    Preston (Main Street)8.139.5810.5812.582.586.18
    Hedon Thorn Road Corner8.1910.0411.041.04----
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)8.2510.1011.101.10----
    Burstwick (Station Road)8.3010.1511.
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)--------3.11--
    Hedon Thorn Road Corner--------3.17--
  • Burstwick - Hull via Preston - Hedon277
    Burstwick - Hull via Preston277
    Hedon (Inmans Estate) - Hull via Preston277

    Days of Operation: Monday to Friday

    Hedon Thorn Road Corner--8.1910.0411.041.04------
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)--8.2510.1011.101.10------
    Burstwick (Station Road)7.058.3510.2011.201.203.06----
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)----------3.11----
    Hedon (Inmans Estate)------------4.356.45
    Hedon Thorn Road Corner----------3.174.426.52
    Preston (Main Street)7.138.4310.2811.
    Bilton (Church)7.268.5610.4111.411.413.365.017.11
    Saltshouse Road7.319.0110.4611.461.463.415.067.16
    Westminster Avenue7.369.0510.5011.501.503.455.107.20
    Hull Interchange7.569.2011.0512.
  • Hull - Burstwick via Preston - Hedon277
    Hull - Burstwick via Preston277

    Days of Operation: Saturday

    Hull Interchange9.2010.2012.203.205.35
    Westminster Avenue9.3510.3512.353.355.55
    Saltshouse Road9.3910.3912.393.395.59
    Bilton (Church)9.4410.4412.443.446.04
    Preston (Main Street)9.5810.5812.583.586.18
    Hedon Thorn Road Corner10.0411.041.04----
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)10.1011.101.10----
    Burstwick (Station Road)10.1511.
  • Burstwick - Hull via Preston277
    Hedon (Inmans Estate) - Hull via Preston277
    Burstwick - Hull via Preston - Hedon277

    Days of Operation: Saturday

    Hedon Thorn Road Corner--10.0411.041.04----
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)--10.1011.101.10----
    Burstwick (Station Road)8.3510.2011.201.204.31--
    Thorngumbald (Royal Mail)--------4.36--
    Hedon (Inmans Estate)----------6.45
    Hedon Thorn Road Corner--------4.426.52
    Preston (Main Street)8.4310.2811.281.284.486.58
    Bilton (Church)8.5610.4111.411.415.017.11
    Saltshouse Road9.0110.4611.461.465.067.16
    Westminster Avenue9.0510.5011.501.505.107.20
    Hull Interchange9.2011.0512.

From May there will be changes to the Service 277 route - the bus won't serve Burstwick or Weghill Road in Preston, but will now serve Station Road in Preston in both directions. Departs from Bay 34 in Hull Paragon Interchange.

This version of the timetable does not begin until 3rd April 2017 and runs through to 5th May 2018. See the current timetable.


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