March 2008.

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March 2008

  • The first 10 of the 20 new double deck buses (below) are due very soon.  The ten are 727 to 734, 739 and 740 (YX08 FYA to YX8 FYH, YX08 FXA and YX08 FXB).  Fleet number 727 arrived on the 28th. 
  • There are 20 new Volvo B9TL double deck buses on order.  They will be fleet numbers 727 to 746.  Fleet numbers 727-738 will be registration YX08 FYA to YX08 FYM (with no FYI) and fleet numbers 739-746 will be registration YX08 FXA to YX08 FXH.
  • Bus 216 is to be converted to a training vehicle and, when complete, will be renumbered fleet 9914. 
  • Bus 455 has been sold.
  • Through the paintshop this month = 421 (14th), 676 (25th), 679 (3rd) and 688 (7th).


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