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The enthusiasts section will bring you all the information you need to know about the fleet of buses at EYMS. You can also follow us on Twitter - just search for @EYMSEnthusiasts.

The Fleet List has a large range of pictures available, both old and new (and more will be added when the opportunity arises) and also includes all EYMS buses going back to the company's formation on the 5 October 1926 (based on the final fleet number the vehicle carried). including buses that became ancillary vehicles, transferred buses, loaned buses and demonstration buses.  To view this information just open the Fleet List from the menu above or the tab below and click on the 'more details' tab next to the fleet number you are interested in.  The latest amended buses will show at the top of the EY Fleet List box (bottom right of the screen), with the rest being accessed from the 'more fleet list' tab below them.  All vehicles will be listed with the last known registration number and fleet number with EYMS.

All the latest news from the garage will be included in a monthly news digest in the EY Enthusiasts Information section (top right of the screen).  The Vehicle Allocation changes will also be displayed here.  Other news items may appear in here as and when they become available.  For older news items click on the 'more enthusiasts information' tab below the latest news items.

All the old Nostalgia items are available from the Nostalgia tab underneath the Enthusiasts tab (above) and two printable fleet lists, along with the actual fleet list and the enthusiasts information section, are available here too.

Please let us know what you think of the enthusiasts section by emailing us on enthusiasts@eyms.co.uk, or if you have found a gap in our pictures and would like to see one of your pictures on our website email us at buspictures@eyms.co.uk.  All pictures sent in and used on our website will be credited with the name of the supplier. 

A big thank you to all those who have supplied us with photographs and other information already, it is very much appreciated.  A special thank you must go to Keith Easton who has supplied over 280 photographs, a lot of past fleet information and lots of help, and also to Mike Davies who has supplied over 1480 photographs and lots of help. Thanks must also go to Keith Houlden who has supplied over 350 photographs, Craig Watts who has supplied over 340 photographs, Chris Jones and David Longbottom who have supplied over 170 photographs each, William Massey who has supplied over 150 photographs, Dan Dearing who has supplied over 110 photographs and Richard Gee who has supplied over 100 photographs.  Thanks must also go to all the others who kindly regularily supply photographs, there are far too many other people to mention them all by name, but were it not for everyone who sends in their photographs the enthusiasts section of our website would be much duller.

 Polite notice - please do not take any photographs from this site without the permission of the owner.  Not only is this copyright theft, it also puts off the people who are kind enough to lend us their pictures from doing so in the future.  Without their kind actions and trust the fleet list would not be as interesting for everyone else.

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