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Hull-based EYMS Group has announced that it is having to restrict enthusiasts’ visits to its subsidiaries East Yorkshire Motor Services, Finglands Coachways and Whittle Coach & Bus due to health and safety considerations, and the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act in April.


            EYMS Group chairman Peter Shipp said, “I very much regret having to take this step because traditionally we have welcomed enthusiasts and tried to give them as much freedom as possible to photograph our buses and coaches, but the risks of unaccompanied visits to working garages are now simply too great.”


            “Should an enthusiast be seriously injured or worse still killed when on our premises we could now be charged under the Corporate Manslaughter Act which provides for huge financial penalties and even jail for directors.”


            “We can, therefore, now only allow visits when we can make arrangements for the enthusiast to be accompanied, and that will usually only be at weekends at our main depot here in Hull, although the Depot Supervisors at our country depots may be free to assist on rare occasions when they are not too busy.”


            “Bona fide enthusiasts are welcome to contact us to see if a visit can be arranged, but I am afraid we will not be able to give them free access as we have done in the past.  In any case requests must be made in advance and, as before, a signed indemnity form will be required when we agree to a visit.”


            “However, our recently revamped website has much more information for bus enthusiasts and is gradually building up a gallery of photos of just about every one of our vehicles, so hopefully this will go some way towards mitigating any disappointment amongst the enthusiast fraternity.”


            “However, I know that there is no real substitute for visiting and taking photographs and notes in person, but I hope that genuine enthusiasts will understand our dilemma and the risks we face if something were to go wrong.”





Chairman and Chief Executive

EYMS Group Limited

25 June 2008

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