Big Bus Day quiz

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Did you visit our Big Bus Day on 31 August and have a go at the Big Bus Bamboozler quiz?  If so, as promised, here are the answers to those tricky questions...

  1. What was the motto engraved on the headdress of the Indian chief that graced the radiators of Guy buses?  Feathers in our cap.
  2. What did the letters AEC stand for?  Associated Equipment Company.
  3. What was the official maximum speed of the motorway coaches specially built by Midland Red when the M1 was opened in 1960?  76mph.
  4. Many Leyland single deck bus chassis were named after animals.  Which of these is NOT a Leyland Motors single deck bus type name - Leveret, Badger, Panda, Cheetah, Gnu, Cougar, Lioness?  Cougar.
  5. What was the exact date local bus services were deregulated in the UK?  26 October 1986.
  6. Many Daimler buses built in the late forties carried chassis/engine type designations such as CVG6 etc.  What did the letter V stand for?  Victory.
  7. What is the current price of a Hull Plus weekly ticket?  £10.00.
  8. What service number is the Molescroft circular in Beverley?  523
  9. including both sites in Scarborough, name all ten current EYMS depots in Yorkshire.  Anlaby Road (Hull), Beverley, Bridlington, Driffield, Elloughton, Hornsea, Pocklington, Scarborough (Westwood), Scarborough (Barry's Lane), Withernsea.
  10. Name the service with the logo of a Viking.  The Wicstun Express.
  11. What is the minimum angle that the tilt test platform must reach without the bus wheels leaving the surface when new bus types are certified?  28 degrees.
  12. How many hours of CPC training must a PCV driver complete within a five year period?  35.

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