Student Card - Frequently Asked Questions

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What sort of student cards do you have?

How do your cards work?

Why don't I just pay my fares as I use the bus?

What buses can I use my ticket on?

How do I apply?

Where do I collect my card?

Can I apply for a Semester Card and a Student Discount Card?

What happens if I lose my card, or it is stolen or damaged?

Can I let another student use my ticket or pass?

What happens if I leave university before the ticket expires?

I already have one type of card - can I swap to another?

It’s my 19th birthday so my Go Card has expired - what do I do?

Happy birthday! Your Go Card will expire on your 19th birthday. However, don’t panic, you don’t have to start paying full fares. Give BusLine a ring on 01482 59 29 29 and they will advise you how to get one of our 10% Discount Cards. Alternatively, if you’re studying at certain colleges or universities you may be eligible for a Student Discount Card - ask BusLine for details.

I still can’t find an answer to my question - who can I speak to?

Still have a question? Please contact BusLine on 01482 59 29 29 or email

All enquires will be answered within one working day.