Student Card - Frequently Asked Questions

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What sort of student cards do you have?

How do your cards work?

Our Semester Card, exclusively for Hull University students, gives you unlimited travel for either one semester or the full academic year, on any of our buses within Hull. You simply put the card on the ticket machine when you board the bus and the machine automatically knows you’re in Hull and can travel for free.

Our Student Discount Card and Go Card are ‘stored value’ cards. They work like a mobile phone top up card, or a London Oyster Card - you top them up with credit and use this credit to pay for your fares on the bus, with a special discount.

Why don't I just pay my fares as I use the bus?

What buses can I use my ticket on?

How do I apply?

Where do I collect my card?

Can I apply for a Semester Card and a Student Discount Card?

What happens if I lose my card, or it is stolen or damaged?

Can I let another student use my ticket or pass?

What happens if I leave university before the ticket expires?

I already have one type of card - can I swap to another?

It’s my 19th birthday so my Go Card has expired - what do I do?

I still can’t find an answer to my question - who can I speak to?

Still have a question? Please contact BusLine on 01482 59 29 29 or email

All enquires will be answered within one working day.