Wyke Card FAQs

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How do Wyke Cards work?

Why don't I just pay my fares as I use the bus?

If you only use the bus occasionally, or if you don't need to be in college every day, there is the option to pay for your fares on the bus, although the cash price per journey is double the equivalent amount you pay per journey with a pass.

If you travel by bus most days, our Wyke Cards are designed to help make bus travel easier. There's no need to hunt for money every morning, save up all your loose change and budget every month for your fares. Our cards take the hassle out of travel!

What buses can I use my ticket on?

How do I apply?

I think I'm eligible for a college bursary. Will the college pay for my Wyke Card?

Where and when do I collect my card?

What happens if I lose my card, or it is stolen or damaged?

Can I let another student use my ticket or pass?

What happens if I leave College before my pass has expired?