Wyke Card FAQs

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How do Wyke Cards work?

Why don't I just pay my fares as I use the bus?

What buses can I use my ticket on?

How do I apply?

It's easy, simply fill in the application form, add a photo and make a payment, and your card will be ready to pick up from college during the first days of term.

We advise that you apply for your Wyke College pass online, as early as possible, to ensure it's ready in time for the start of term. Don't leave it until the day before you start, or it won't be ready in time!

If you buy a Full Year Wyke Card your travel is sorted for the full year.

If you buy a shorter period Wyke Card, you'll need to top up your card before the next period starts if you want to keep travelling. For example, if you buy the Period 1 Wyke Card, you will need to 'top it up' with Period 2 before the start of the second period on 27 October 18. To top up your card, simply apply online. If you do this, you can just keep using your existing card as normal when you come back to college during period 2. However, if you don't apply for Period 2 in time, when you come back to college your card won't work. You will have to buy a new card, which could take up to 10 days to be ready - and in the meantime, you'll have to pay £2 per journey for your fares on the bus every day. So please make sure you top up your card in time!

Please note that if you want your card to be ready in time for the start of the college year the deadline for applying is 5pm on Friday 31 August 2018 . If you apply after this date your card will not be ready in time for the start of the year, and you'll have to pay for your fares on the bus, with no refunds available, until your card is produced.

I think I'm eligible for a college bursary. Will the college pay for my Wyke Card?

Where and when do I collect my card?

What happens if I lose my card, or it is stolen or damaged?

Can I let another student use my ticket or pass?

What happens if I leave College before my pass has expired?