Wyke Card FAQs

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How do Wyke Cards work?

Why don't I just pay my fares as I use the bus?

What buses can I use my ticket on?

How do I apply?

I think I'm eligible for a college bursary. Will the college pay for my Wyke Card?

Where and when do I collect my card?

What happens if I lose my card, or it is stolen or damaged?

Can I let another student use my ticket or pass?

Absolutely not. You are responsible for your own card. If it is lost or stolen you must report it to EYMS immediately. All cards have photographs on to allow the bus driver to identify the cardholder. If another student is found to be using your card it will be withdrawn without notice and no refund will be issued. You may not be allowed to apply for another card. We know the vast majority of students will use their cards properly, but those few that do misuse the cards risk having their cards withdrawn, being issued with a penalty fare by our inspectors, or even being reported to the police.

What happens if I leave College before my pass has expired?