Terms and Conditions - General

  1. The 'Student Discount Card', 'Super Discount Card' and 'Semester Card' remain the property of East Yorkshire (EY) at all times and can be withdrawn by any member of East Yorkshire staff for misuse of the card.
  2. The card holder is responsible for reporting the card lost or stolen. The outstanding credit on the lost or stolen card will be transferred on the new card from the date and time it was reported lost or stolen. Any credit used between the card being lost/stolen and card holder reporting the card lost/stolen will be at the card holder's loss.
  3. Travelling expenses incurred by the card holder whilst waiting for a replacement card are non refundable and wholly the responsibility of the of the passenger awaiting the replacement.
  4. A £3 charge will be made for a replacement 'Student Discount' or 'Super Discount' card if it is lost or damaged in any way. A £10 replacement fee will be charged for a replacement 'Semester Card'.
  5. The card holder is responsible for the care of the card.
  6. If the card is stolen, a free replacement will only be issued where the card holder has a valid crime reference number.
  7. Cards can be reported lost, stolen or damaged by calling BusLine on 01482 59 29 29 or emailing BusLine@eyms.co.uk. You must include your name, card number, address, reason for wanting a replacement and a contact telephone number on email notification.